Sleep Training Your Baby to Attend Economics Congress

Are you planning to attend an important economics congress but you are worried about leaving your baby? While it is normal for parents to feel anxious about whether their baby will cope in their absence, there are many ways you can make your baby more comfortable in your absence. The first step is to make sure that they are sleep trained so that they do not give the caregiver you are living them with a hard time. If you decide to take your baby with you to the economics congress, you should also see to it that the baby is sleep trained so that you have enough time to focus on the activities at the congress.

Overcoming Four-month Regression

After three months, it always looks like the baby has finally adjusted to a schedule. Then, you suddenly notice that the baby is shifting and regressing by waking up more than normal and being fussy. This is quite normal and is commonly referred to as the 4 month sleep regression as it always happens when the baby is about four months. Some of the ways to overcome it include:

Have a consistent routine: The best way to get a baby to follow a sleep schedule is to set up a routine. If you are attending a high-profile meeting, such as the International Conference on Economics Turkish Economic Association ICE-​TEA, you should establish a routine early enough such that by the time you arrive, the baby is already on the schedule.

Be patient: Patience is key when sleep training a baby. Do not rush them or show agitation when they are not sleeping. If you are calm, the baby will remain calm and easily fall asleep.