Sleep Training Before Attending Economic Congresses

If you have a baby and you are planning to go to an economics congress, you are bound to feel worried if your child has not been sleep trained. Thinking about them crying and fussing is torturous to the mind. Many people admit that they end up canceling their plans to attend meetings when they have a tiny baby. This does not have to be your case. You can effectively sleep train your baby and participate in the discussions without feeling anxious.

How to Do It

When you are considering this option, you should do your research to know the right time to start sleep training the baby. Talk to as many people as possible to understand what you should expect. It is suggested that you start your research early enough to have sufficient time to do the sleep training before you head out to the congress. You should also know the kind of sleep training method that would be ideal for your child. Many people prefer to use the ferber method method. It is easier to do and is more sustainable, especially if you start when the baby is young, about three to four months old. One of the errors parents make when they are sleep training is giving up on the first night when it seems as though it is not working for the baby. The key is for you to be as consistent as possible and embrace the fact that there will be days when it will look like the baby is regressing. In no time, they will catch up, and you will not have to worry anymore.