Qualities of Speakers for Economics Congresses

Speakers and presenters at economics congresses play a big role in making the event a success. That is why most of the highly rated congresses like the prestigious International Conference on Economics Turkish Economic Association- ICE-​TEA, which focuses on finding the right speakers who will not only impart the right knowledge but also keep the audience engaged.

Qualities to Look for

Experience: A good speaker for economic congresses is one who is experienced and knowledgeable in the subject they are speaking about. They should not just know what they are presenting on, but also be knowledgeable enough to handle questions from the plenary when necessary.

Good speaker: Ideally, a speaker will do a lot of presentation and this involves public speaking. They should have a mastery of the language they will be presenting in, and also have the confidence to present before a crowd.

Good time manager: There is nothing as frustrating for participants as a speaker who does not know how to manage time. If you are constantly being reminded to wind up, then you need to work on your time management skills for you to become a better speaker.

Ability to read the mood and adjust: Part of being a good speaker for an economics congress is for you to be able to tell when the audience is bored so that you change tact and your presentation method.

If you have been invited as a speaker for economics congresses, spare some time to research on the kind of people who will be attending so that you prepare accordingly.