( Alphabetical Order)
Cinque Terre
Ufuk Akçiğit
University of Chicago
Declining Business Dynamism: Some Lessons from the Modern Growth Theory and Patent Data
Cinque Terre
Erik Berglöf
International Economic Association
and London School of Economics
Making the System Function as a System: Global Governence Reform in the Trump Era
Cinque Terre
Murat Çetinkaya
Governor, Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey
Cinque Terre
Alan Freeman
Director, Geopolitical Economy Research Group
University of Manitoba
Christopher Freeman’s Legacy and the Future of Political Economy
Cinque Terre
Mehmet Şimşek
Deputy Prime Minister (Former)
Cinque Terre
Stephen Turnovsky
University of Washington
Taxation and Public Health Investment: Policy Choices and Tradeoffs


Invited Session - 1 (In Turkish)

Subject: Reflections of Developments in Economics on Economics Teaching
Organizer: Asaf Savaş Akat
Speakers: Asaf Savaş Akat, Ercan Eren, Murat Donduran, Seçkin Sunal

Invited Session - 2 (In English)

Christopher Freeman Session

Subject:Megatrends Towards 2050 and the Economy
Organizer: Yücel Candemir
Invited Speaker:Alan Freeman
Speakers:Erkan Erdil, Rosario Macario and Vasco Reis, Stephan Mueller and Gernot Liedtke, Werner Rothengatter

Invited Session - 3 (In English)

Subject:WB Turkey Poverty and Inequality Network Session
Organizer: World Bank
Speakers:Abdurrahman B. Aydemir ve Hakkı Yazıcı, Alpay Filiztekin, Bulent Anıl ve Gökçe Uysal, Hasan Tekgüç

 Invited Panel

 Invited Panel 1 (In English)

Subject:Overcoming Barriers to Innovation by International Knowledge Transfer
Organizer: Yücel Candemir
Speakers:Celal Cündoğlu Erkan Erdil, Rosario Macario, Stephan Mueller